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CS collecter

collect insights

Monitoring UX KPIs

Our UX Performance Center allows you to trigger alerts in real-time, on any KPI you want to follow. An e-mail will be sent to you whenever there is a change.

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CS Actionplan

This tool, under development, will allow you to identify the insights and recommendations to implement on your site.

Coming soon


How to present a product page? How to build an effective mobile navigation? How to prioritize information inside a checkout? There are so many ways to approach UX problems but we've collected the best examples to inspire your designs.

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CS tester

a/b testing

Use your A/B Testing Solution

You can use a Third-Party A/B Testing Solution (ABTasty, Optimizely, Kameleoon…) and send ContentSquare variations which were seen. This way, you keep your current AB Testing tool and benefit from ContentSquare features.

Third-Party Data Integration

When will my A/B Test be conclusive?

Calculate how long it will take for your new variation to win. This tool will help you define how many sessions (or time) you need to be 98% confident that a variation achieves a new conversation rate.