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July 19th Release 2018

  • AutoZone now create 300 zones
  • The limit of detection for large zones was removed
  • Detections steps are now set to 5 (used to be 4), so Autozone runs 5 times on the page instead of 4

July 16th Release 2018

  • ABTest Menu Item is not displayed anymore for clients who don’t have the option
  • For Zonings on mobile devices, the conversion rate on hover is not displayed anymore in array mode
  • In edit/creation mode, the list of zones names on the left has its own independent scroll bar for easier use
  • All new projects will now be automatically added on ElasticSearch
  • CSMs can now grant access to Adobe Segments Integration to clients via the Project Parameters

July 4th Releases

Timezone Management has been released and is accessible via Personal Settings. TimeZone changes impact all changes, including UXPC

Language change option is available via Personal Settings

Integrations are accessible via the Project Settings icon for relevant clients only)

Protected Mappings now have a visualisation only (“View” option) mode

Segments were updated with two more screen resolution conditions choices: 414 x 736 & 2436 x 1125



June 5th Releases

  • UXPC – Sharing is out for all users. Users can share Alerts configurations to colleagues.
  • Our UXPC – Alerts e-mail notifications have been redesigned & display more information.
  • A new interface is available for the Segments Module
  • A cog wheel now displays Project Settings Options in the header
  • Click distribution calculation has been upgraded
  • In Zonings Visualisation, large Zones now display a metric tooltip so users don’t scroll to see the number anymore
  • Segments have new screen resolution conditions
  • The “Date of Visit” condition in segments has been removed (it wasn’t working)
  • Analysis Context Fields are longer to display more content
  • Translations have been updated in German & US English

May 22nd 2018 Releases

PILOT PROGRAM РSwipe gestures now replace drag & flicks gestures on Apps


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