Who is it for? — Every single ContentSquare client, and only ContentSquare clients! No providers, no media, no sales. Just US!

When and Where? — Every 3 month, in all countries where ContentSquare is located: France, UK, Germany and the US.

What for? — Enjoy client feedback, discuss anything without filter, share best practises, get inspired, network, meet people

Which format? — Usually in the morning, sometimes after work, and why not for lunch!?


There is no upcoming meetup.

Previous Meetups

LondonThursday 28 March 2019Two great Customers Case Studies from Harvey Nichols and Sainsbury's! // New: Breakout sessions: Session 1: UX/UI methodology, tools and use cases // Session 2: Analyse UX with (quantitative) data // Roundtables // And as always: Networking, drinks and fun
London, GBWednesday 13 June 2018FeelUnique business case, networking game break, and product roundtables.
Paris, FranceTuesday 3 July 2018Le premier club en afterwork avec, comme toujours, un super programme !


Who is it for?

Every ContentSquare client: managers, power users, future users…

Immersion Days are halfdays during which ContentSquare Teams, especially the Product Team, make themselves available to your teams to understand the way you are organized, and to get to know your intentions, user profiles, and blocking points.

This is also the perfect time to gather as much feedback as possible on the product, work together on evolutions to come, and talk about common innovation subjects and strategy. The result: better adoption, knowledge updates, a real partnership. I recommend and prescribe at least one Immersion Day a year!


Co-construction workshops are the best format we provide to create tomorrow’s product with you. We invite our users to join us during 2 to 3 hours-long meetings and work together on our Roadmap features or themes.

For example: in 2017, we created with you (among other things): comparison, new Session Replay, Alerts & Insights, CS for Mobile Apps… Bous: these sessions are usually games and end with a pretty nice lunch. These workshops really are the BEST way to be heard and play your part in ContentSquare Solution’s evolution.



Because we, too, want our own UX to evolve and answer your needs for today and tomorrow, we invite our super power users to spend some quality time with our Product UX Designers.

Two ways to proceed:

Either you have precise Use Cases in mind you would like to share with us, or we set an objective to reach for you and witness the way you use CS Solution. This is once again a super efficient way to make the solution, your solution, evolve, together! 

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